That's me.

Comics: 40
Recent Appearance: Depression
First Appearance: Hello.


A bag of teeth and memories, noise and tentacles.

Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: Soup
First Appearance: Hello.


A managing director of something to do with the internet. Loves running, and things to do with running, sugary snacks and robots.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Australia
First Appearance: Grounded


A friend.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Checklist: Talking to Friends
First Appearance: Triggers

Small Viv

A child.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Going Under
First Appearance: Dare


A therapist provided to me by the NHS. Quietly spoken, patient.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: But Coffee
First Appearance: Pastry Triggers


A nice guy.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Date Fail

a stranger I met on the train

A middle aged stranger who felt like talking to me on the train to the University where I sometimes teach.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: No Guts


A friend. Theatre designer. Works a lot, sings beautifully.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Cup of empathy


My mother.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Dare


A friend.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Withdrawal

Some awful dude

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Triggers

Viv's Cat

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Actual Cat


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Depression

All similarities with actual people are due to this being an autobiographical comic – names changed, personalities merged, situations presented in a highly subjective manner.